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a Pocket Board is the app I developed for myself - I hope the app will be useful for you (see my other apps)
Available in Android Market

v1.20 (cur. release) - new feature [# random results per one roll] was added - now can emulate e.g. rolling two or more dice simultaneously.

v.19 - now the app can work as Decision Maker. In few seconds you can create any kind of decision maker, predictor, Magic 8 Ball, bet utilities (e.g. sport), dice and etc.. Simply select [work as decision maker] when edit any of your text notes. See description for all details.
v.18 - improved UI usability on screen where you can see the list of existing text notes
v.1.17 added possibility to have as many text notes as you wish. Now you can prepare everything in advance and just switch to notes you need at the moment. (when you are on the main screen of the app) press 'Menu' button and select 'create new note' to add a new note or 'select note from list..' to display list of existing notes where you can select the particular one to display.
v1.16 added new option: [do not wrap words in the middle]
by default the app do the best to make letters as big as possible so if you have a word with many symbols there is a chance that part of word will be on one line the and other part of the same word on next line - if you want to keep words unwrapped (word must be sized to fit one line) then you should check the box. note:with this option checked - the calculated font size will be smaller vs the same text and option is unchecked.
The ONLY app that AUTOMATICALLY enlarges your text messages to fill the screen.  It's an easy way to communicate visually  when voice is not an option. PLUS just one click and you can turn your note to any kind of DECISION MAKER, DICE, adviser, predictor, Magic 8 Ball,  bet utilities (e.g. sport), Dice and etc.. Simply select  [work as decision maker]  when edit any of your text notes.
You can have as many text notes as you wish. Now you can prepare everything in advance and just switch to notes you need at the moment.
Use Pocket Board to:
- send a message across a crowded room 
- greet a friend at the airport with a glowing placard
- create decision makers / predictors for any purposes e.g.: simple {yes, no, maybe} , sport bet utility, trader {sell, buy, wait, forget ..},  todays activity {spa, shopping, work, outdoor, stay home, party ..}, manager {pray, take vacation, forget, call meeting, ask team ..},  baby gender, HR, lotto number, Magic 8 Ball, dice {1, 2 ,3 ...}, who is on duty today, Runebound,  FUDGE, .. games  and more .. more!
- leave co-workers a status message on your desk
- communicate with the deaf
- highlight the spelling of a word, for display to a class or tourgroup
- scoreboard "I love you!" to someone special
- learn foreign languages (use as flash cards to remember new words) 
- show hints to your classmates during lessons :)
- make an emergency announcement when mobile service is unavailable
Application supports both Portrait and Landscape modes.
Generally the app is kind of your personal Billboard Bot, Placard, Handy Board .. and I am sure you can imagine more use cases :). 
Enjoy! Happy valentine's day !!
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