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(download link) Flex dice is the app I developed by myself - I am sure the app will entertain your:) (see my other apps)

Hello I am Flex Cubes 3D :) / Flex Dice 3D
if you have any troubles or wishes regarding me please contact to my author (Alex) aradzhabov@gmail.com
Use me to create and roll 3d cubes with your OWN design based on photos from contacts or images on your phone. You can have unlim num of cubes and select up to six to display at the same time.
To roll just shake or swipe your finger across screen.
You can create cubes for different purposes like board games, decision makers, who is next, (e.g. based on photos of your friends), Cadoo games ... just switch on your imagination.
I have lots of shared skins and 3 built in cubes: dices white and red + decision maker for general purposes (yes, no ..)
To show and roll above ones and any ones you will create or import:
when in main screen press (Menu button->Choose cubes ..) then check/uncheck ones you want to display.
I also have public shared cubes. To see the ones press (Menu button->(www) shared cubes..)
You can save any shared cube for further using: just click import button on your screen.
Check them out!
You can also share your cubes with your friends only or with everybody. I will describe details further.

tech. note:
I start loading images for the sides of shared cubes as soon as you click on the particular shared cube but I save them to cache so next time you run me I will take the images from cache. In general every image is about 15kb. The cache is located in root of your SD card in folder FlexCubes3dCache. If you do not have external drive like SD the cache is located in special folder assigned by Android and can not be seen.

You can create new or for existing cubes: edit, share, clone, del
plus import zipped cubes and load shared cubes (as described above)
just press (Menu button->Manage cubes ..) when you are on main screen.
add, edit, del are pretty straight forward so I put more details about share and clone feature.

tech. note:
I am designed to work with images of 128x128 pixels. So If you try to add image of diff. size I try to resize (do not worry original one will stay untouched). If you are not satisfied with result the best idea will be crop the image by yourself or create fake contact then Android will take care about cropping.

Clone - the reason I have clone features - just to save your time if e.g. you need set of cubes with exact the same design.
Share - you can share any of your cubes. What I do is zip the selected cube and generate email with attached zipped cube - so you can send email to your friends only or if you keep my author as addressee you cube will be published in shared cubes section.
If you got zipped cube from your friend you can simply import one
press (Menu button->Manage cubes .. -> Import zipped cube ..) when you are on main screen.

tech. note:
I keep last zipped cube and sides' images in the same cache as described above.


p.s. examples of shared cubes (you also can find lots of decision makers ...):

Christmas -> thank you Tanya (http://artdesigner.lv/) for the icons. Skin was done based on Tanya`s  icons.
and Runebound game by Fantasy Flight -> thank you Lindsey Dubb for sharing the skin
Christmas samples:
Runebound game by Fantasy Flight samples ...

skin for FUDGE role playing game <- shared by Lindsey Dubb. Some samples .. 

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