Trip to Kenya or hakuna matata or не ходите дети в Африку гулять

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We have just back from Kenya. Here is a ( map of our trip) .
We visited the following national parks Meru, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Maasai mara, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli. We spent 10 very pleasent days. I would like to thank you to our tour company Australken Tours and Travel and in person to Zippy ,  Livingstone and Daniel - for making our stay very memoriable. I left my reviews regarding Australken Tours  at (click the following links to see my reviews) (Tripadvisor )and (Lonelyplanet).

1. what kind of medicine \ Immunizations \ vaccination do you need to visit Kenya.
here I described our own experience (Malanil ...)

2. Our  plan in very details day by day (10 days in row).
normally we were doing game drive (photo hunting right in the park :) about ~7 hours per day. 6:30am-11am and 4pm-7pm.
Just for your reference here is drive time we spent to get from park to park:
Nairobi ->(9hours) Meru -> (3h) Samburu -> (9h) Lake Nakuru -> (7h)  Maasai mara -> (6h) Lake Naivasha -> (5h) Amboseli -> (4h) Nairobi . Note road to Maasai mara (last 50-60 km are very rough road)
just some funny moments:

see location  on my map 

1. Kiss with the tallest mammal on Earth

2. Cheetah and her baby in wild Nature (right after hunting)

3. Wild Cat in Kenya. Cats are everywhere :)

4. The tallest mammal on our Earth in front of the tallest mountain in Africa. OR  Mount Kilimanjaro vs giraffes

5. Secretary Bird or the bird which can hunt on snakes

6.  Lions in wild nature

(I am still working to have this post FINISHED - keep coming!!)

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