Asus transformer pad - found solution for tegra games crashing

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Asus transformer pad - found  solution for tegra games crashing
Recently I bought Asus  tf300 I like the one very well - the only huge issue I run into was when I tried to run tegra games all of them eventually crashed with white screen or blinking one or even not in tegra games - games ones just freeze the display but the sound keeps playing I can even control the actions in game ..

Spent 5 hours to find the solution. The only one which worked for me was to reset to factory settings. What I recommend is - open you pad for the first time - in several minutes you will get air update from Asus - as soon as the update will be installed go to Setting app and select Reset option (right after language menu item).
Note you will lost all apps you installed by yourself if you installed ones before the reset.
Good thing that reset will keep the last installed air update from Asus.
After reset I had no any problems with tegra and othe games.
there is preinstalled app = App Backup which you can use to save some of your installed apps and restore ones easily after reset.


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