the best To Do (ToDo) or task manager application for iPad (my review)

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the best ToDo or task manager application for iPad
I tried different ones and at this moment I use RTM (Remember The Milk). At the begining it looks a bit complex but as soon as you start use it you feel that many useful things right in place. The author did great job to make the UI and iterations with the app are very comfortable and intuitive. I like editing in place, very flexible search engine, sync with web (RTM site), and read only view tasks in Google Calendar, labels and the way how the app is designed and implemented.
There is also one free app GoTasks. The one is in sync with Google tasks. I like hierarchy feature and UI but what I do not have in this app is labels so you cannot have the same task under the different categories. Anyway I have it installed to check it in feature.
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