How to avoid using iTunes?

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How to avoid using iTunes?
My primary purpose was to get the way to transfer photos and videos without iTunes

1. to transfer photos from any computer to iPad / iPhone photo library I use PhotoSync . The app allows bulk loading from you computer directly to your iPad / iPhone photo library. It simply allows to your iPad to pretend kind of web server and after that you just enter provided url in browser on your computer where you select files you want to put to medi library on iPad. That is it. (of course your iPad and computer should be connected to internet through the same wifi router)

2. to transfer videos i use OPlayerHD the app use the same idea as i described for PhotoSync (above) so after you transfered your movie / film to the app you can simply watch your movie on iPad. Besides OPlayerHD supports lots of codecs including mkv so it very useful to have the app especially it is free :)
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