Bali. Surfing - making the dream = true

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Bali. Surfing - making the dream = true
I am the one who was touched by the movie "Break point" back in 1991 :).
I did Free falling (parachute jumping) mostly because of the movie :).
My surfing intension has the same root.
I did my first approach during our cruise. Our ship (Freedom of the Seas) had nice traning facility so I here you can see my topics related to that moment.
But it was not real surfing.
Our trip to Bali gave me chance to make my dream true.
I took 7 lessons with Easy Surf (surf school) and would like to say thank you to the guys for the making my dream true! The school has very good atmosphere and staff.  We surfed on different spots and in different time (sunsets, sunrises, midday ..)  so I got good taste of what is it surfing.
Now I can surf by myself  but of course I way too far from pro surfers.
You can ZOOm the photos by clicking on them.
I do not have many photos but it does not matter.
Here are some photos from my lessons :). I put some comments within the photos.

you can find me riding the wave in the center of the the following 3 shots ..

First steps (learning how to stand on the board)

Next step is practising of catching the waves (green ones)

just some good shots of more advanced surfers...


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