Walking above clouds. Mountain Batur, Bali.

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Mountain Batur trekking is considered as one of the best ones to meet sunrise.
All what you need is a bit luck with good weather conditions :).
October is not best time to visit the mountain since chances to walk in a  fog are quite high (you simply will not  see anything). The trekking in rainy season (end of October + ..) is almost useless. We got some luck - during our trip the sky were clear.  We started at 3:30 am it was completely dark - the sky was beautiful - huge amount of stars ....
The way to crater in many reports is defined as easy one but I doubt  it. We spent abot 1 hour and a half to get there but it was not easy. I reccomend to take additional t-shirt and something warm to change clothes next to crater.
Later on clouds visited us but at that time we were above :) ones. Very nice - the trip worth it very much.


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