Pink beach + underwater Indonesia vs Egypt ( comparing in terms of Snorkeling)

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Pink beach + underwater Indonesia  vs Egypt ( comparing in terms of Snorkeling)
In our way to Komodo islands we visited Pink Beach. There are a lot of red corals close to the beach that is why sand mixed with corals' fractions has pink color.  It is also interesting that the water stream changes its direction every 2 hours so stay 2-3 hours and you will be suprized - especially when the water will become very cold - tons of fishes will apear.  As to underwater Indonesia  vs Egypt:in Indonesia I did not expect to see such good spots in terms of snorkeling but i was suprized - generally if you are on a right spot - you can see the same stuff as in Red See and even Mantas. What is funny - next to Kanawa island we met a huge wall from fish - from a distance it looked as huge coral reef - but the reality suprised as very much :).  It was fun to dive right into a fish cloud - very funny and entertainment.

Enjoy :)

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